100+ Downloads!!! (+ New Project)

Hello people, Umutsol here!

My Visual Novel "The Talk" actually reached 100 downloads a short while ago, and I'm still trying to come to terms with what that number means. Aside from everyone who's even looked at this page, a hundred perfect strangers have made the conscious decision of downloading my work to their computer, a work done in a single day and with poor planning. A work that was meant to be nothing more than a kinetic VN trial, to basically get used to the basics, and which turned into a wild ride with 9 endings (scale creep is real...).

I never envisioned such a fundamentally flawed and basic project would garner the attention it did, and as such, would like to thank every single person who's downloaded The Talk, or even just viewed my page. It means a lot to me that my work can actually, even in small ways, affect people ^^

Also, I'll say it right here, my next project is in the works! The scale will be way, WAAAY grander than The Talk, it will have original art made by my "Art Director" (or the friend who does the Art haha), a much bigger plot involving a main cast of at least 6 characters, branching paths that focus on each character specifically and much more. The project is still going slow, but it exists, and now you know it too!

Yet again, thank you all for the downloads and views, I hope you enjoyed The Talk and I can't wait for this new project to reach you too!

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