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Looking for a sequel~

Thank you for this game!, by the way, not bad, it's really good I enjoyed it!

Hey thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Unfortunately I don't plan on making a direct sequel to this game, as it was made to be a self-contained little story...

However, I've already started working on my next project, along with an actual artist, and that one's shaping up to be bigger and better in every way, so I hope you'll enjoy it too ^^


The story is very cliche, but I assume that's what you were trying to go for considering this is a test project. It has excellent grammar compared to most other visual novel games I see when I sort by newest first on this website. I also really like the music used, it's relevant and pleasing. The big variety of choices in the story is good, many visual novels I play from this site have few choices which makes the games less fun. 

Generally, the game is very well developed, just bland due to the images/audio obviously downloaded from the internet and the bunch of cliches scattered all over the story, but since this is a test project I assume this was intended to prevent "wasting original ideas" and I don't blame you

Thank you very much for the feedback. My intention with this game was to test out as much as possible with the Ren'Py engine (choices, music, character placement and whatnot). I realise how cliche the story is, but then again, most of the effort was put into everywhere except the script ^^

I'm really happy to see that what I begun to make as a simple prototype for things to come can actually stand on its own, so thanks!